Working approach

Everything starts with a personal touch

VADO has a long-term vision

VADO invests in a company in order to grow it further. Unlike investors with a fund structure that aim to sell the company again within a few years, VADO invests for the long term, so there is no exit pressure. It is precisely for this reason that we believe it is important that there is a good fit with our focus, culture and entrepreneurship. This provides the best foundation for plotting the course to the future together, for building success and value creation.

Getting acquainted over a cup of coffee
It starts with an appointment to get acquainted and have a cup of coffee together. An entrepreneur prefers to sell a company to an investor who treats it with respect and wants the company to continue to grow in the long term. Often you can sense if there is a match in the first conversation. The next step is that we bring the entrepreneur into contact with other people in our companies so that they can form a picture of the cooperation with VADO.
Together with the companies we invest in, we strive to grow and develop
VADO can help with this, for example by contributing capital, helping with investment decisions or contributing specific expertise that we have available within our group. The individual character of the company is always paramount here. We work on the basis of trust, respect and transparency.

VADO has a solid financial foundation that enables our companies to grow

Growth financing is possible. VADO’s reliability and good reputation often contributes to strengthening the relationship with external parties such as banks, suppliers and clients.

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  • "For more than 20 years, Rols Machineonderdelen has had VADO as a shareholder that gives our business plans attention and space. With a long term vision that gives us a strong starting position.”

    Jack VromansDirector Rols Machineonderdelen
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  • “An ideal situation. We are given the space and freedom to do business independently within the VADO organisation and to retain our own identity, thus preserving the family character of our company!”

    Hans StoopManaging DirectorVerhoeven
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  • “Winterwarm is a close-knit team that works together year after year to achieve fantastic business results. This is thanks to loyal and committed employees. In recent years, we have invested heavily in new innovative products so that we can look to the future with confidence. VADO, as the largest shareholder, gives the management the freedom to continue to do business and to invest in Research and Development. This has enabled us to become one of the leading manufacturers of air heating equipment in Europe.”

    Bart LoomanManaging Director Winterwarm
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  • “Meller Flow Trans Ltd has been under the ownership of VADO since 2005. I have no hesitation in saying that they have been the most open minded and supportive shareholder throughout my own 28 years with the business. This has been demonstrated by the unparalleled growth of our UK business whilst under VADO ownership. “

    Mark AllcockManaging DirectorMeller
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  • “I am here as director as if it were my own organisation. I think it's the best possible way of working together. VADO is not about intervening with a short horizon; they focus on the long term. They ask the question whether you are actually walking the path you have set out. You get that space at VADO. That means you can really practice entrepreneurship.”

    Marcel VerbeekManaging DirectorPekago Covering Technology
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