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Broad experience in the manufacturing industry

Team with extensive experience

VADO is a long-term investor and attaches great value to entrepreneurship. Every company is given the space to continue to grow healthily through innovations and acquisitions.
The VADO companies are supported from Eindhoven by a small team of people with extensive experience in the manufacturing industry and in companies where technology plays an important role. With this background, we can exchange ideas and consult with the teams of our companies. Whether it’s about strategy, investment, production, technology, finance or leadership. Expertise is available in abundance, both with us and with our select group of trusted advisors.

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Aart Fortanier
CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Wim Havekes
CFO and Member of the Board of Directors
Rudi Dagevos
Senior Investment Manager
Wim van Eijk
Senior Investment Manager
Eric Liebers
Senior Investment Manager
Gerben Heuver
Senior Investment Manager
Martijn Utermark
Caroline Gosen
Office Manager
Lisenka Does
Office Assistant
Erwin Akkermans
Sander van Triet
Hans Bijker
Finance Manager
Patricia van Beers
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