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Why VADO admires the manufacturing industry

The Dutch manufacturing industry is doing well; the majority of Dutch manufacturing companies have been showing decent growth figures for years. At the same time, the average manufacturing company faces quite a lot of challenges: the need for substantial investments, the demand for digitisation and the scarcity of technical personnel. Structural sustainability is not always well prepared at many manufacturing companies. Then it stands to reason that there are also concerns about whether most companies are future-proof: not every manufacturing company is equally well prepared for the advancing technological developments.

VADO: rooted deep in the manufacturing industry
It should come as no surprise that we at VADO are extremely enthusiastic about the manufacturing industry. After all, our own roots lie deep in a typical Dutch manufacturing company: DAF. After the sale of the DAF companies in the 1970s and 1980s, the Van Doorne family decided to set up the investment company VADO.
video-VADO: rooted deep in the manufacturing industry
VADO: long-term investor
At VADO we love innovative, ambitious manufacturing companies. Logical, because our own roots lie in an impressive Dutch manufacturing company: DAF. VADO was founded by the Van Doorne family after the DAF companies went public in the seventies and eighties.

Three clusters

Based on our history and this specific DNA, we focus on ambitious manufacturing companies with a heart for technology. Our portfolio of companies consists of three clusters:

  • Suppliers Metal & Plastics. These companies develop and produce components and modules for leading OEMs and players in various end markets;
  • Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing. These companies produce complex and high-quality systems and products; and
  • Specialist companies. With their unique expertise, experience or technology, these companies are able to achieve market leadership in a niche.

Interesting end markets

The manufacturing industry end markets of our current companies include semiconductors, medical, analytical, pharma, food, transport, defence and intra-logistics. Especially interesting to us are companies that serve these or other structurally growing end markets. Some companies are well suited for healthy further growth as a stand-alone company. Other companies lend themselves better to form a stronger whole in a partnership with one or more of the VADO companies. Together, those collaborations form a valuable partner for clients.

A good example of this within our own portfolio is Anvil Industries, a strong partnership of mechanical processing companies. The companies within Anvil operate independently and reinforce each other where possible. This reinforcement helps to bring the specials to market on a larger scale. It is precisely by acting in groups that trust is created with large parties (such as ASML and Philips) and with banks.

Why choose VADO as your investor?

From our practical background, we understand the responsibility you have as a company for your employees, suppliers and customers. Also, from our own history, we have a natural bond with the manufacturing industry. Our people have experience in and knowledge about this sector and can relate to the typical opportunities and issues of a manufacturing company.

In addition, we offer companies the space and support to do business; by sparring, by thinking together about strategy and through targeted investments in R&D or production resources. The expansion of a company through acquisitions also occurs regularly, for example, by implementing a buy & build strategy.

Working for the long term, not merely for a quick profit

As an investor in the manufacturing industry, we have a long-term strategy; we look at how a company can continue to grow in a healthy way in the longer term. We’re not just in it for quick profits. Investors often have a time frame of 5 to 7 years. Not at VADO. We have an open time frame. We prefer to enter into a long-term relationship, based on trust and mutual respect, and we work together on solid sustainable growth.

Shared vision, shared values

Before a potential company acquisition, we take the time to get to know each other and to discover whether we could be compatible. We ask ourselves things like: to what extent do our vision and our core values match? What are the majority shareholders’ ambitions after the acquisition? We only continue to the next step when both parties have a good feeling about the business transfer.

Like to know more? Contact us today!

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities we offer regarding business acquisitions and investments in the manufacturing industry? Please contact us for further information, or read the cases about Anvil Industries, BATO or Culobel.

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  • "We prefer to invest in manufacturing companies because they contribute to a healthy economy, by creating jobs and through their innovative character. Each member of our investment team has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Consequently, we can be a good sparring partner for the management of the company on all aspects of the business, from the numbers to our people and beyond. This is how we build the future of our companies, together."

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