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VADO: Invest in entrepeneurship

VADO provides plenty of room for entrepreneurship

Seeing opportunities, using them and thereby creating value for people and society. Good entrepreneurship is key for every successful company. At VADO we understand this like no other. We offer space to entrepreneurs. We do not go for quick profit, but look at long term success. How can a company continue to grow in a healthy and solid way? Entrepreneurship and sustainable business are central to this.

We give the companies in which we invest the space to do business and to grow further in a healthy way through innovations and acquisitions. At the same time we support companies by sparring and thinking along with them about strategy. We also have a network of trusted specialists who offer support on specific topics. The goal: to achieve sustainable long-term growth based on mutual trust.

Solid financial basis

VADO likes to invest in sustainable entrepreneurship, based on a solid financial basis that offers our companies the opportunity to grow in a healthy way. A company acquisition is often also accompanied by a management buy-in/management buy-out. As an entrepreneur you remain active in the management of the company, while VADO provides advice from behind the scenes.


Watch the video: Pekago, doing business with VADO

Our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship
Where does our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship come from? Our history lies within the Dutch manufacturing industry: DAF. VADO is founded by the Van Doorne family. After the sale of the DAF companies in the 1970s and 1980s, VADO focused heavily on investments in the manufacturing industry.

At VADO, the love of engineering and technology is deeply woven into our DNA. We know what it is like to start a (manufacturing) company and expand it step by step. We understand the responsibility you have as a company for your employees, suppliers and customers.

We speak the language of entrepreneurship

This is also reflected in the composition and working method of our investment team. Specialists with a solid background in the manufacturing industry who possess a thorough knowledge of what entrepreneurship exactly entails. People who speak the language of the entrepreneur and understand as no other what it is to be responsible for a company and the people who work there.

Shared vision, shared values

As a long-term investor, we like to build close ties with the manufacturing companies in which we invest and work together on the basis of mutual trust and respect. Before there is any question of selling a business, we therefore take ample time to get to know each other first and to examine the extent to which we fit together. We only take the next step when both parties have a good feeling about the business transfer.

Want to know more about our passion for entrepreneurship? Get in touch with us!

Would you like to know more about the opportunities that we offer in terms of business acquisitions and the scope we provide for sustainable entrepreneurship? Please feel free to contact us for a closer acquaintance.

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  • “I am here as director as if it were my own organisation. I think it's the best possible way of working together. VADO is not about intervening with a short horizon; they focus on the long term. They ask the question whether you are actually walking the path you have set out. You get that space at VADO. That means you can really practice entrepreneurship.”

    Marcel VerbeekManaging DirectorPekago Covering Technology
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