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VADO: Long-term investor

Investing for the long term: what does that mean?

How investment company VADO achieves long-term growth

VADO is a long-term investor with a clear vision of entrepreneurship. Sustainable growth is not created overnight. Time is of the essence. That is why, for us as an investment company, long term growth comes before quick profits. Together with the companies in which we invest, we map out a path to sustainable growth and implement it. Several companies in our portfolio have belonged to the VADO family for over 20 years, and for good reason.

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How our investment company ensures robust profits

This focus on long term growth has everything to do with our background. VADO is a Dutch investment company founded by the Van Doorne family. After the sale of the DAF companies in the 1970s and 1980s, VADO focused heavily on investments in the manufacturing industry. These historical roots within the DAF family business have taught us that it is precisely the focus on the long term that ultimately produces the most robust profits.

Smart solutions for complex issues

From that same background, we at VADO are passionate about smart solutions for complex issues, with added value for people and society. It’s no wonder that our investment company has a preference for investing in innovative and technical companies in the manufacturing industry. Mainly in companies with a turnover of between 5 to 50 million euros. Large enough to be a professional and defining player in a niche market; small enough to respond quickly and flexibly to opportunities and developments and to make quick decisions via short lines of communication.

The SME size of the company means that the seller and shareholder of the company is often also a director, director-major shareholder or DGA in Dutch. We like it when the DGA wants to stay on board for a few years after the sale. But it also happens that a new director must be found immediately after the sale because the selling DGA wants to pursue new endeavours.

Room for entrepreneurship

We attach great value to entrepreneurship. From our history we understand the responsibility you have as a company for your employees, suppliers and customers. We offer companies the space and support to do business. By sparring, by thinking along with the strategy and with targeted investments. The companies in which we invest are given the space to grow further in a healthy way, through innovations and acquisitions. As an investment company, we also invest in them. From a solid financial basis.

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  • "For more than 20 years, Rols Machineonderdelen has had VADO as a shareholder that gives our business plans attention and space. With a long term vision that gives us a strong starting position.”

    Jack VromansDirector Rols Machineonderdelen
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