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Investment focus

On companies in the manufacturing industry

Our focus is on companies in the manufacturing industry

VADO invests in manufacturing companies, where technology is omnipresent. Craftsmanship plays a crucial role and the development of employees and organisation receives a lot of attention. The atmosphere is often informal and collegial and everyone feels part of the team, of “the family”. We strive for a match between the people and culture of the company and those of VADO. Our origins are in Brabant, but our playing field has since expanded to the Netherlands and Flanders.

SME-sized companies

The turnover of the companies in which we invest is usually in the range of 5 to 50 million euros. Big enough to be a professional and defining player in a niche. Small enough to respond quickly and flexibly to opportunities and developments and to make quick decisions via short lines of communication.

The seller? Often the owner-director

The SME size of the company means that the seller and shareholder of the company is often the managing director. We prefer it if he or she wants to stay on board for a number of years after the sale, however, sometimes a new director has to be found because the previous owner wants to retire to pursue other things.

The added value of VADO

The people at VADO have experience in and knowledge of the manufacturing industry. This means that VADO can easily identify with the typical opportunities and issues of a manufacturing company. We are keen to consult with the management of a company about an eventual change of strategy, adaptation of the organisation, investments in R&D or production resources. The expansion of a company through acquisitions is also a regular topic, such as by implementing a buy & build strategy. End markets of our current companies include semiconductors, medical, analytical, pharma, food, transport, defence, energy and intra-logistics. We are particularly interested in companies that serve these or other structurally growing end markets.