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Investing in entrepreneurship

The DNA of the family business

VADO is a Dutch investment company founded by the Van Doorne family. After the sale of the DAF companies in the 1970s and 1980s, VADO focused heavily on investments in the manufacturing industry. The uniqueness of the family business, the entrepreneurship and the interest in technology and innovation is therefore still present at VADO. Our focus is on companies with a passion for technology that provide added value to people and society with their innovative solutions.

We are a long-term investor and attach great value to entrepreneurship. Every company is given the space to pursue further healthy growth through innovations and acquisitions. Our team consists of people with extensive experience in the industry. We are interested in technology and always eager to get to know new companies and entrepreneurs.

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Video Contour AS - Creating value through continuous innovation
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Investment focus on manufacturing companies

VADO invests in manufacturing companies, where technology is omnipresent. Craftsmanship plays a crucial role and the development of employees receives a great deal of attention. The atmosphere is often informal and collegial and everyone feels part of the team, of “the family”. We strive for a match between the people and culture of the company and those of VADO. Our origins are in Brabant, but our playing field has since expanded to the Netherlands and Flanders.

The VADO portfolio of companies consists of three clusters of companies:

  • Cluster Metals & Plastics Supply Companies that develop and produce components and modules for leading OEMs and players in various end markets;
  • Cluster Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing with companies that produce complex and high-quality systems and products;
  • Cluster Specialist Companies that, with their unique expertise, experience or technology, are able to achieve market leadership in a niche.

Everything starts with a personal connection

Having a cup of coffee, thinking together about entrepreneurship, strategy and culture, is often a first step to determine whether there is a good connection between an entrepreneur and VADO. We find it important to know what the entrepreneur’s ambition is and what their plans are for the company.

We invest from a long-term perspective and strive for a partnership in which the entrepreneur is given all the freedom they need to grow the company in a healthy way. We support the management by, for example, helping them consider the necessary development of the organisation, accelerating growth by enabling acquisitions (“buy & build” development), elaborating strategic options, and providing growth capital. We bring in expertise, enjoy exchanging ideas with management, and stimulate cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between our companies.

Before a potential acquisition of a company, we always take time to get to know each other and to see to what extent we fit together. When both parties have a good feeling about the sale of the company, we take the next step.

Entrepreneurial companies

Anvil Industries

Group of companies specialised in the manufacturing of high-quality mechanical components

Machinefabriek De Valk

Specialist in the flexible, quick production of mechanical components. For example, prototypes and rush orders (QRM). Furthermore, a forerunner in…

Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing

Specialist service provider for the development and production of high-quality process installations and production equipment for the food industry. The…

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  • “An ideal situation. We are given the space and freedom to do business independently within the VADO organisation and to retain our own identity, thus preserving the family character of our company!”

    Hans StoopManaging DirectorVerhoeven
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  • “Culobel has been part of the VADO family for nearly 30 years. That in itself is unique! I have been leading Culobel for 25 years and have always enjoyed working for VADO. The no-nonsense entrepreneurial mentality greatly appeals to me. Culobel has grown strongly over the past 20 years, and this was only possible due to the personal support and space you and your company get at VADO.”

    Mark D’HaeseCEOCulobel
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  • “Anvil Industries is a group of companies that complement each other seamlessly to serve the high-tech industry.” Although we are a group of companies under VADO ownership, we have a high degree of independence. Entrepreneurial behaviour is taken as the starting point for healthy cooperation.”

    Jan AdamsManaging Director Anvil Industries
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  • “VADO makes it possible to do business with the spirit of a family company, a high degree of family culture, and with the necessary expertise to act as a 'sounding board' at group level. This brings out the best in entrepreneurs.”

    Gert-Jan SpieringsManaging Director Bato
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  • "We prefer to invest in manufacturing companies because they contribute to a healthy economy, by creating jobs and through their innovative character. Each member of our investment team has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Consequently, we can be a good sparring partner for the management of the company on all aspects of the business, from the numbers to our people and beyond. This is how we build the future of our companies, together."

    Aart FortanierCEOVADO Beheer
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  • "We have developed strongly in recent years in the field of integrated process lines for the processing and preparation of sweets and confectionary as well as liquids in the food industry.  Under the wings of VADO, we can further develop our portfolio of activities and continue to grow internationally."

    Koen VerstegenCEOOrangeworks
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  • "Contour Advanced Systems is a high end system integrator that values flexibility, entrepreneurship and innovation. The collaboration under the VADO flag offers the possibility to offer complete systems that are fully developed and made within the group. The full supply chain can be kept under own management. With the support of VADO as a shareholder, we are able to achieve further growth, serving large international accounts and playing a leading role in new innovations."

    Eric KlaassenManaging DirectorContour Advanced Systems
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  • "The affiliation with Anvil and VADO is an important next step for our company: "Thanks to VADO's scale and technology focus, we get solid support for healthy further innovation and growth. I am also happy for our people, because not only are we positioned to develop further as a company, but this step also offers further growth opportunities for our employees. There was a click from the very first moment. And as a family business with Brabant roots, we fit in perfectly with Anvil and VADO. "

    John HagelaarsDirector Machinefabriek De Valk
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  • “I am here as director as if it were my own organisation. I think it's the best possible way of working together. VADO is not about intervening with a short horizon; they focus on the long term. They ask the question whether you are actually walking the path you have set out. You get that space at VADO. That means you can really practice entrepreneurship.”

    Marcel VerbeekManaging DirectorPekago Covering Technology
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