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Specialist service provider in mechanics and mechatronics
VADO deelneming sinds
2019 - present

BKL is a technical service provider specialised in the engineering and construction of high-tech mechanical equipment, (hoisting and lifting) tools and transport equipment for high-tech companies in the optical and semiconductor industries.

The company has a modern and well-equipped engineering department. In addition to manufacture of the tools, the correct/safe usage, installation and maintenance process is analysed. BKL is accredited by the advisory board for the inspection of customer-specific tools. When establishing that the product complies with the Machinery Directive, a CE marking can be granted.
With its branches in Nuenen, Brno (Czech Republic) and Wilton (USA), BKL has approximately 60 employees.

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  • “Our companies fit well together. We are a family businesses with a similar culture and we share the same values. We both want to provide excellent service and high quality to our customers and we continuously invest in the craftsmanship of our people. Together with ANVIL, we have every opportunity to continue to grow in a healthy way.”

    John de SmitManaging DirectorBKL

VADO investment rationale

HThe specialism of BKL is an important reinforcement of our ANVIL Industries group. In this group, several companies bundle their knowledge and experience in the production of high-quality mechanical components with high accuracy. BKL manufactures the tooling for the same high-tech customers as ANVIL. BKL’s engineering capabilities fit seamlessly with the activities of the other companies: machining, welding assemblies, sheeting, spark erosion, mechanical assembly, testing and cleanroom packaging. With this, Anvil Industries offers a one-stop-shop solution for mechanical machining to OEMs and Tier 1 companies in semiconductors, optical and medical industries, food and various machine builders.

For more information about BKL or one of our other companies, please contact VADO, Eric Liebers via e.liebers@vado.nl.

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  • “Being part of Anvil Industries has given BKL a strong proposition. By allowing specialists from different companies to work together, BKL is better able to realise high complexity, low volume projects than before. We noticed that in the market, our current and new potential customers like the fact that we are part of a group, which guarantees the continuity of BKL and entrepreneurship.”

    Coen AartsCommercial Director BKL