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Jansen Machining Technology

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Specialist manufacturer of mechanical parts.
VADO company since
1989 - present

Jansen Machining Technology specialises in the production of precise mechanical parts and modules using machining techniques. It also assembles these parts to prototypes and small and medium series (10-1.000) of a repetitive nature (high mix & low volume).


The metal products and products made of hard plastics vary in size from less than one millimetre to approx. 200 mm. Jansen is a trusted partner of OEM companies in the high-tech industry.
Production is almost entirely computer-controlled with state-of-the-art machinery. Multiple machining operations can be carried out at various CNC-controlled machining centres. The companies also work with various conventional machining options. Materials that are processed include steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, titanium, monel and hard plastics. The products are supplied to the semiconductor, medical, optical, nuclear and defence industries and to mechanical engineering.
Jansen is ISO 9001 certified. Mid 2020 the company has moved into a newly constructed facility in Valkenswaard. Jansen Machining Technology has approximately 65 employees.


VADO investment rationale

The specialisms of Jansen are an important contribution to our group ANVIL Industries. In this group, several companies bundle their knowledge and experience in the production of high-quality mechanical components with high accuracy. The companies complement each other seamlessly in the field of engineering, machining, welded assemblies, sheeting, mechanical assembly and testing. With this, Anvil Industries offers a one-stop-shop solution for mechanical machining to OEMs and Tier 1 companies in semiconductors, optical and medical industries, food and various machine builders.

For more information about Jansen and VDB or one of our other companies, please contact VADO,
Eric Liebers via e.liebers@vado.nl.

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  • “At Anvil Industries, the interests of the companies are paramount and we want to be seen as a partner to OEM customers through mutual cooperation. We do this by being able to deliver high added value as a group. Cooperation based on an open and direct attitude and making use of each other's specialisms, that's where our strength lies.”

    Twan BussersDirectorJansen Machining Technology

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