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Contour Covering Technology

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Specialist in fine sheet metal and module construction
VADO company since
1998 - present

Contour Covering Technology is a specialist in fine sheet metal and module construction. Contour is a system supplier, specialising in the in-house production of fine sheet metal.

CCT operates as a supplier and partner in business for OEMs in Western Europe in particular. Contour organises the process from design to logistics services, with a clear focus on the frames, cabinets, enclosures, machine coverings and electromechanical modules of equipment.
Sheet metal production is a specialty in which Contour has excelled for years. Contour has the most modern, automated equipment at its disposal, which enables the sheet metal products to be produced efficiently, cost-effectively and with a consistently good quality. CCT is based in Varsseveld and has a sales office in Germany. Approximately 110 employees work for the company. Contour Covering Technology is part of the Contour Group together with Contour Advanced Systems.

VADO investment rationale

Contour Covering Technology is a specialist in high-level sheeting that is processed into modules through welding and assembly. It thus connects with the high-tech customers of the ANVIL companies and with the systems of sister company Contour Advanced Systems, which processes CCT’s modules into complete applications for intralogistics, defence, mobile data centres and mobile battery systems.

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  • “Our group of companies makes it possible for us as Contour not only to supply high-quality sheet metal work, but - by using numerous components and competences of our sister organisations - also complex, assembled modules. So, if you want to be unburdened in an environment where cooperation is the norm and the customer is the focal point, you can stop searching!”

    Marc BeldmanManaging Director Contour

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