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Manufacturer of heating systems for industrial and agricultural applications
Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing
VADO company since
1996 - present

Winterwarm B.V. has been a leading manufacturer of various heating systems for industrial and agricultural applications for more than 80 years.

The company specialises in the development and production of direct gas-fired air heating and also supplies indirectly fired air heaters, electric air heaters, air curtains and circulation units. For gas-free locations, Winterwarm offers an excellent alternative with its electric heaters and low-temperature water heaters. For existing industrial areas, Winterwarm expects that the most important role will be played by the application of hydrogen gas as a sustainable energy source. Its R&D department closely follows all developments in this area.

In the Netherlands, Winterwarm has had a leading position in the industrial heating market for many years. In addition, more than 60% of the turnover is generated by exports all over the world. Winterwarm has its own sales offices in the UK, France and Poland, and sales activities were also started up in Canada in 2018. Since its start in 2008, the agricultural heating branch has been active worldwide with a strong reputation due to the company’s in-house technical gas knowledge. In 2015, a new branch was established under the company: WinLed Lighting Solutions, which focuses on the production and sale of LED luminaires for commercial spaces. Winterwarm is headquartered in Winterswijk and employs approximately 65 people.

VADO investment rationale

Winterwarm is a wonderful manufacturing company that fits VADO perfectly in terms of tradition and market position. Through technical leadership, Winterwarm is ahead of the competition and through innovation, Winterwarm heaters will continue to have a strong position in the market in the energy transition.

For more information about Winterwarm or one of our other companies, please contact VADO,  Eric Liebers via

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  • “Winterwarm is a close-knit team that works together year after year to achieve fantastic business results. This is thanks to loyal and committed employees. In recent years, we have invested heavily in new innovative products so that we can look to the future with confidence. VADO, as the largest shareholder, gives the management the freedom to continue to do business and to invest in Research and Development. This has enabled us to become one of the leading manufacturers of air heating equipment in Europe.”

    Bart LoomanManaging Director Winterwarm

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