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VADO expands Anvil Industries through acquisition of BKL

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VADO expands Anvil Industries through acquisition of BKL

Eindhoven, 1 July 2019 – Investment company VADO Beheer from Eindhoven has taken over BKL from Nuenen. BKL is a specialised technical service provider in the field of engineering and manufacturing of hoisting and lifting equipment for high-tech companies, in particular for the optical and semiconductor industries.  The company was founded in 1983 by Jos van Bakel; his sons and nephew, who are still partly active in the company, decided to sell BKL to VADO. BKL will be continued in unchanged form and the current management consisting of John de Smit and Coen Aarts will also continue to manage the company.

VADO is a long-term investor and focuses on promising companies in the manufacturing industry. Part of VADO are, among others, the ANVIL Industries companies specialised in the production of high-quality mechanical components and assemblies. As the activities of BKL and ANVIL fit well together, BKL will be added to ANVIL Industries.

Jan Adams, Managing Director of ANVIL Industries, sees significant benefits in the combination of ANVIL and BKL. “Both companies have known each other for a long time. We work in the same industries and have similar customers. The combination of BKL’s engineering and project management capabilities with ANVIL’s production capabilities enables us to serve clients even better and creates ample opportunities for further growth for both companies.”

John de Smit, Managing Director of BKL, is also enthusiastic about this step. “Our companies fit well together. We are family businesses with a similar culture and we share the same values. We both want to provide excellent service and high quality to our customers and we continuously invest in the craftsmanship of our people. Our premises in Nuenen have recently been expanded, and together with ANVIL, we have every opportunity to continue to grow here in a healthy way.”