Contour Advanced Systems supplies mobile battery for storage of solar energy

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Contour Advanced Systems supplies mobile battery for solar energy storage

Contour Advanced Systems has supplied a mobile battery to the Everstekoog (Texel) sewage treatment plant for the storage of solar energy. The energy generated during sunny hours can be used to power the purification equipment at times when the sun is not shining. This way, local green energy is actually used locally. This Valentine is an innovative Vanadium Flow battery. In contrast to the traditional lithium-ion version, this battery is infinitely rechargeable, can be modularly extended and is also non-flammable. And it’s quite a unit. The storage capacity is 200 kWh, comparable to 90,000 small penlites. That is 73,000 kWh per year for one charge and discharge every day. This is comparable to the annual electricity consumption of 25 households. As far as we know, this is a unique installation in the Netherlands. A great way to contribute to the energy transition.