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New VADO website

VADO has launched its new website with extensive information about VADO, its companies, investment focus and working method as an involved investment company. With the recently renewed corporate identity and the new website, VADO wants to offer better insight into its activities and raise its profile as an attractive partner for companies in the manufacturing industry. This focus fits well with VADO’s industrial background. It was founded by the Van Doorne family in the seventies and eighties after DAF companies went public. Therefore, the character of the family business, entrepreneurship and the interest in the manufacturing industry still play a central role at VADO. VADO supports its companies by consulting with the management, investing in R&D or production resources and by, for example, implementing a buy & build strategy in order to further expand the company in a healthy way.

Focus on SME-sized manufacturing companies
VADO is particularly interested in investing in companies engaged in end markets such as semiconductor, medical, analytical, pharmaceutical, food, transport, defence and intra-logistics. The turnover of the companies in which VADO invests is usually in the range of 5 to 50 million euros. Big enough to be a professional and defining player in a niche. Small enough to respond quickly and flexibly to opportunities and developments and to make quick decisions through short lines of communication.
The VADO portfolio of companies consists of threeclusters of companies:

  • Cluster Supply Companies that develop and produce components in metal and plastic and modules for leading OEMs and players in various end markets;
  • Cluster Mechanical Engineering with companies that produce complex and high-quality systems and products;
  • Cluster Specialist companies which, with their unique expertise, experience or technology, are able to achieve market leadership in a niche.

Team with extensive industrial experience
VADO consists of a small team with a great deal of industrial experience that, from Eindhoven, manages a portfolio of about twenty manufacturing companies. In addition, VADO has been a shareholder of MCB (Metaal Compagnie Brabant) for many years. Together with two other families, who founded MCB more than eighty years ago, VADO is still closely involved in the ins and outs of this market leader in metal distribution.