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Video Anvil, investing in synergy

At VADO we love innovative, ambitious manufacturing companies. Logical, because our own roots lie in an impressive Dutch manufacturing company: DAF. As a long-term investor, we enjoy building close relationships with the manufacturing companies in which we invest. We understand the responsibility you have as a company for your employees, suppliers and customers. That’s why we work closely with our companies on healthy growth. Our long-term investment aim strengthens our attachment to entrepreneurship, collaboration and sustainable growth.

Collaborating to achieve sustainable growth
We carefully examine how a new company best fits within the VADO portfolio. Whether it will be a stand-alone company or come in on a buy-and-build strategy. Together with the seller, we discuss the best options. For this reason, it’s important that we take the time to get to know each other well and to investigate to what extent we fit together.

Our companies have a clear opinion about the collaboration within VADO. We show this both on our website and through short company impressions such as the video Investing in Synergy from Anvil Industries, a highly specialised one-stop-shop of seven high-tech mechanical processing companies. In this film, Jan Adams and Jack Vromans, directors of VADO company Anvil Industries, tell how they, together with VADO, are building a strong group of companies through a buy-and-build strategy. Naturally, this concerns quality, technology and innovation processes, but certainly also the emotion of the selling DGA. Dealing with this in a respectful way is extremely important.

Maximum entrepreneurship in a buy-and-build strategy
The VADO portfolio of companies consists of three clusters: Metals & Plastics Supply Companies; Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing; and Specialist Companies. VADO is particularly interested in investing in companies that are active in end markets such as semiconductor, medical, analytical, pharma, food, transport, defence and intra-logistics. The turnover of the companies VADO invests in usually ranges between 5 to 50 million euros. Large enough to be a professional and defining player in a niche. Small enough to respond quickly and flexibly to opportunities and developments and to make quick decisions with short lines of communication.

Anvil Industries is a close partnership in which seven companies pool their knowledge and experience in machining, welded assemblies and mechanical assembly. Together they form a highly specialised one-stop-shop of high-tech mechanical processing companies for their clients. The companies within Anvil operate independently and reinforce each other where needed. This allows everyone involved to continue doing business as usual. A solid example of the buy-and-build strategy we use at VADO to continue to grow our collaborations in a healthy manner.